ABECMA (idecabtagene vicleucel) is a B-cell maturation antigen (BCMA)-directed genetically modified autologous T cell immunotherapy indicated for the treatment of adult patients with relapsed or refractory multiple myeloma after two or more prior lines of therapy, including an immunomodulatory agent, a proteasome inhibitor, and an anti-CD38 monoclonal antibody.

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Proven CAR T Cell Therapy Power in the Patients You’re
Likely to See1

Rapid, deep, and durable responses with ABECMA®1-3*

ORR at primary analysis (median follow-up of 13.2 months, range: 0.2-21.0): 72% ORR (95% CI, 62-81) (n=72)

300-460 × 106 CAR-positive T cells (N=100)
ABECMA® Response Rates, Chart
ABECMA® Response Rates, Chart

Deep responses were achieved in MRD-evaluable patients with ≥VGPR2

93% MRD NEGATIVITY in MRD-evaluable patients||

  • In KarMMa, 54 patients had ≥VGPR
  • Of those patients, 42 were evaluable for MRD
  • 93% of evaluable ≥VGPR patients were MRD negative (39/42 patients)

A majority of patients responded to ABECMA, with more than half achieving ≥VGPR

  • mTTR: 1 month (range: 0.5-2.9 months; n=72)
  • mDoR: 11.3 months (95% CI, 10.3-15.3; n=72)
  • mDoR with ≥CR: 21.6 months (95% CI, 13.5-NE; n=29)

Efficacy data based on long-term follow-up analysis (median time from ABECMA infusion to data cutoff 27.3 months [range: 24.1 to 33.1]; N=100). Data were generally consistent with the primary analysis.

Primary analysis data: sCR 28% (95% CI, 19-38), VGPR 25% (95% CI, 17-35), PR 19% (95% CI, 12-28).

Response is defined as achieving ≥PR. Of the 100 patients in the efficacy-evaluable population, 25 (25%) achieved a VGPR (95% CI, 16.5-33.5) and 18 (18%) achieved a PR (95%, 10.5-25.5).4

All complete responses were sCRs.

Based on a threshold of 10-5 using a ClonoSEQ® next-generation sequencing assay (NGS). MRD negativity was defined as the proportion of patients with ≥VGPR who are MRD negative at any time point within 3 months prior to achieving ≥VGPR until the time of progression or death.

CAR=chimeric antigen receptor; CI=confidence interval; mDoR=median duration of response; MRD=minimal residual disease; NE=not estimable; ORR=overall response rate; PR=partial response; sCR=stringent complete response; TTNT=time to next treatment; TTR=time to response; VGPR=very good partial response.

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